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Accepting most major credit cards

Dog Trainer King accepts most major credit cards

Dog training for puppy and adult dogs. Behavior problem solving, obedience dog training  in Los Angeles and surrounding area

 **** Looking for your dog to go off leash and return to you on command, go to parks and play ball, go on hikes and have your dog heel at your side and not chase wildlife.

Dog Trainer King's job is to train the dog in dog obedience and fix dog aggression and any other bad habits the dog learned before being trained.

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Dog Obedience
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Off leash training

Dog Trainer King - Dog Walking Service welcomes Aggressive dogs and includes dog training with monthly service.

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Serving the GreaterWest Los Angeles and surrounding area

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Dog training expert “Dog Trainer King”, specializing in dog aggression, is setup to save dogs’ lives by teaching your dog obedience and getting your dog under control. A controlled, obedience trained dog is a safer dog to others and to itself.

As a dog trainer, I have specialized in helping rescue dogs in the kennel system by rehabbing rescue dogs of all ages so they are under control. The dogs I train have a higher chance of being adopted because they are under control.

Has your dog failed with new age modification dog training obedience techniques, which is “a method to teach your dog as if it’s human”?  I specialize in dogs that have already failed to improve with other methods. I have successfully trained dogs to respond to voice commands that your dog will obey.    

When you know your dog has behavior problems that need to be solved, then come to me, a real dog trainer, to help you with dog aggression towards humans and animals, digging, barking, chewing, and the list goes on. But you get the idea that, as a dog trainer, I help you fix your dog’s problems and get your dog under control.

The first step to fixing your dog’s problems, again, is getting your dog under control with basic obedience dog training. I evaluate your dog prior to beginning training. By the time your dog is done with basic dog obedience training, the methods I use will help fix basic dog problems your dog may have.

I will work with you as your dog trainer to handle your dog and get your dog under control. I will help you learn to control your dog and help you reinforce obedience dog training commands to your dog at your home, so you and your family can maintain and keep your dog as an important part of the family for the rest of your dog’s life.

My rates are highly competitive in the industry for the amount of time I will spend with your dog and the services I offer to train your dog. In addition, if you work with me as your dog trainer, I will provide individualized training as I walk your dog and will actively interact with your dog.

Serving the Greater West Los Angeles Area, including Bel Air, Beverly Hills, Brentwood, Century City, Culver City, El Segundo, Malibu, Manhattan Beach, Mar Vista, Marina del Rey, Pacific Palisades, Playa del Rey, Santa Monica, Venice, Westchester, Westwood, and West Los Angeles. If you live outside of this immediate area but within Los Angeles County, please call for availability.  Your dog should have every chance possible.

About dog training

Dog training is the most important thing you can do for your dog’s development. When you train your dog, you teach your dog to understand hand signals, gestures, and voice/sound commands of the human language. Dog training helps establish your Alpha role as pack leader. Dogs are pack animals and by dog training your dog, he or she will learn the pack rules and live in peace as a pack member.

Most people are not dog smart and fail to use dog training as a method to teach their dog to live in a human society. Without dog training, the dog will get in trouble because he or she is a pack animal and failed to learn their place in the pack. Dogs are not human, but people treat them as if they are human, refusing to use dog training to teach their dog. The dog then thinks he is a sports free agent; wanting the best of everything, the best place to sleep, first to eat off the kitchen counter, the best chew toys like shoes, couch cushions, dining room chairs. 

Because of the failure to use dog training to set the pack rules, the dog now wants to be king, Alpha of the pack. Now the dog must show aggression to maintain his status as the Alpha and this is where growling and snapping come into play. That’s when many people who don’t use effective dog training blame the dog for being a dog and turn them into the dog pound because it doesn’t act human.

However, by properly dog training your dog, your dog will act almost human by showing you respect in following your commands and even putting their lives in danger to protect you.

Contact me and I will help you learn how to dog train your dog and teach your dog its place in the home. Dog Trainer Michael King 805-428-8206